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Pressure & Temperature Logger



  • High measuring accuracy, resolution and robustness
  • High data security due to the use of a non-volatile memory
  • Temperature Measurements Accuracy typ. 0,5 °C
  • Recording of the pressure and temperature
  • Simple and well-structured configuration and read-out software for PC
  • Combination of event-controlled recording and interval recording prevents unnecessary data being recorded (i.e. only measuring the pressure changes…)
  • Supply 3,6 V Lithium battery
  • Battery Life up to 2 years @ 1 recording every 10 seconds
  • suitable for immersion to 4000 metres of seawater
  • Subsea housing dimensions 188mm long x 112mm diameter, weight in air 8 Kg



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At the core of the Seadraulics Subsea Data Logger lies a Leo Record digital pressure and temperature logger from Keller Druck. An autonomous battery powered instrument with digital display, designed to record pressure and temperature over long or short periods.

Built into a stainless steel pressure housing with viewing window, the pressure and temperature logger is suitable for immersion to 4000 meters of seawater.  Use this with ROV operable valves and/or a hotstab connection arrangement to perform pressure tests subsea. Unit can also be supplied with a stand alone frame to customers requirements to deploy and leave for long term monitoring.

The pressure logger offers a range from 0 to 700bar, up to 57,000 readings, 0.1% accuracy and finally a 100m Bar resolution.


The Leo Record pressure and temperature logger is supplied with “Logger” windows software for logger setup and downloading of data. Data can be viewed in table or graph format and exported to MS Excel.

It is advisable to setup and program the system on the bench before connection through the ROV. No ROV power is required.

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