Water Jetter HPW520



  • Hydraulic Input 180-210bar, 70-85 LPM
  • Output 470-520bar, Flow 20-30 LPM
  • Manifold with pilot operated valve
  • Flow adjustable from 30-80 LPM
  • Unloader Valve
  • Operational hoses supplied
  • Choice of T-bar, Multi D or Fish Tail Handle. Multi D standard.
  • Turbo nozzle, with cavitation nozzle as option
  • Suction filter to protect pump



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The Seadraulics HPW520 water jetter is an industry standard water jetting system, reliable with impressive pumping capabilities. No other system offers the same power and reliability. This unit is capable of 520 bar at the nozzle. The turbo nozzle that comes as standard with this unit, has proven time and again to get the best overall cleaning. The auto rotation jetting spread that comes from this nozzle, means that movements by the ROV automatically clean a larger area more evenly. With 30 LPM being forced out the nozzle this water jetter will blow the debris away from the target cleaning area, and with the 520 bar only very hard and serious subsea growth is left behind. This water jetter should really be the first choice for any cleaning job. Its power levels mean that it does not damage subsea paint, unless it has already started to flake off and degrade. Most work class ROVs will run this water jetter on there auxiliary pumps. Divers would get very tired operating this water jetter, which an ROV has no problem with.

Simple to interface, with the incorporated custom drive manifold, which means that the unit can be used on a wider range of ROV’s, as it allows the user to limit pressures and flows depending on the customers hydraulic supply abilities. Unit is supplied complete with hydraulic hoses, and Multi-D handle with turbo nozzle.

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