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Water Jetter HPW520



  • Hydraulic Input 180-210bar, 70-85 LPM
  • Output 470-520bar, Flow 20-30 LPM
  • Manifold with pilot operated valve
  • Flow adjustable from 30-80 LPM
  • Unloader Valve
  • Operational hoses supplied
  • Choice of T-bar, Multi D or Fish Tail Handle. Multi D standard.
  • Turbo nozzle, with cavitation nozzle as option
  • Suction filter to protect pump



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The Seadraulics HPW520 is the ideal water jetting system for any subsea cleaning project, offering reliability, power and versatility. Its impressive pumping capabilities, turbo nozzle and auto rotation jetting spread ensure that the job will be done quickly and efficiently with minimal risk of damage. This water jetter is easy to interface and can be used on a wide range of ROVs due to its custom drive manifold. With 30 liters per minute being forced out of the nozzle, and 520 bar at the nozzle, this unit will blast away debris and even the toughest subsea growth. Look no further than the Seadraulics HPW520 for your next cleaning job.

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