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Sticky Foot



  • Stainless steel ROV Handle
  • Suction pump is compact and easy to mount
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre or store on front of ROV
  • Hose connections
  • Weight 5 kg in air, 2 kg in water
  • Dimensions Ø 310 mm, height 284 mm



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Seadraulics sticky foot is used to assist the ROV in station holding and lifting of subsea objects.  The high level of grip makes it suitable for a wide range of inspection and cleaning ROV tasks.

The sticky foot is pump activates and attaches to the structure via sticky feet suction cup. This tool is capable of being operated by any work class  ROV, and some smaller ROVs. The foot has a flexible polyurethane moulded cup, tolerant of marine growth and crustaceans, and able to attach to curved surfaces down to 400mm (16in) diameter. The cup is abrasion and tear resistant.

The ROV handle is meant for 5 function manipulators which allows the ROV to position itself as needed. The Sticky feet can be ganged together, and mounted onto a beam to use more than one unit to attach client equipment to subsea structure. The pump used is a Hypro which some ROVs already have mounted. The sticky foot can come in 2 levels of stiffness, with the lower Duro unit being better for curved surfaces. With surface vacuum the sticky foot can lift 200kg, and in the subsea environment with greater pressure differential available the unit will hold even more.


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