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Water Jetter Minibooster 800bar



  • Hydraulic input 200 bar, 40 LPM
  • Water flow rate 9LPM
  • Manifold with pilot operated valve
  • Stainless Steel 316 filter
  • Barrel material super duplex stainless steel, with custom cavitation nozzle
  • Pump weight in air 35kg, 27kg in sea water
  • Pump dimensions 50x30x25cm



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The Seadraulics Minibooster 800 bar water jetter is based on industry standard Minibooster pump which is reliable with impressive high pressure pumping capabilities. This unit is capable of 800 bar at the nozzle. The cavitation nozzle comes as standard with this unit, and has shown to have good overall thorough cleaning. With a lower flow of 9 LPM being forced out the nozzle this water jetter is made to clean thoroughly but smaller areas.

Small work class ROVs with a moderate auxiliary hydraulic power will drive this system, and provide an effective small location cleaning solution.

Cavitation – How it works

The cavitation process creates Nano voids in the water that implode when they hit the cleanable surface. The voids create high energetic shockwaves when they implode, which removes dirt, fouling and deposits attached to the cleanable surface. A cavitation jet reaches further than conventional high-pressure cleaning and is most effective at a safe distance from the nozzle. Cavitation cleaning requires a lower water pressure and is therefore safer and more efficient for delicate surface treatments. Cavitation causes the jet to become more of a cone allowing for better all round cleaning than an otherwise needle jet would provide.

This is a high pressure cavitation system. Lower pressure cavitation water jetters loose effectives as the depth increases. This system is rated to full ocean depth.

This custom designed nozzle is a modified needle nose with cavitation inducing rings cut into it to get a cone output for decent overall cleaning.

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