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Torque Multiplier Class 4-7



  • ISO 13628-8 class 4 and 7
  • Up to 15kNm / lbs
  • Class 4 torque tool input
  • Compensation to full ocean depth
  • Weight 95kg in air, and 68kg in water



  • Female Interface: Class 4
  • Male Interface: Class 7
  • Max input torque: 3,700 Nm
  • Max output torque: 20kNm
  • Depth rating: Full Oean
  • Weight in air: 95kg
  • Torque multiplication Ratio: 5.3:1



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The Class 7 torque requirements demand a substantial 34 kNm / 25 klbft. Not all class 7 valves need the full 34kNm. Most class 7 torque tools have a very high starting torque levels, sometime very close to some upper limits of a subsea valve. This torque multiplier has a lower than normal torque multiplication so that lower torques can be easily achieved. This tool features a Class 7 output interface and a receptacle for a Class 4 torque tool. Between these two components is a 5.3 : 1 multiplication gearbox. This is an unlatched tool and would be mainly used for vertical valves.


  • Lowered via crane to seabed and then placed in position by the ROV.
  • Lowered in a basket to seabed.
  • Lowered with the ROV, put into position and then tool latched into the class 4 bucket

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