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Heavy Duty Flying Lead Orientation Tool (HD-FLOT)



  • Lightweight, high strength, aluminium construction
  • 400Kgs Payload capacity
  • Depth rated to 3000m, (10,000ft)
  • Class 1-4 improviser TT mounting adaptors
  • Class 1-4 TT mounting adaptors
  • Max pitch torque 2820Nm
  • Max roll torque 1340 Nm



  • Pressure Rating: 210bar / 3,045 psi
  • Oil Type: TELLUS T22 or Similar
  • Pitch: ±90°
  • Roll: ±15°
  • Depth Rating: 3,000 m
  • TT Interface: ISO 13628-8 Class 1-4 TT
  • Weight in air: 104kg



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The Heavy Duty Flying Lead Orientation Tool (HD-FLOT) provides a robust platform to support ROV “fly-to-place” stab-plate installations and valve override operations. The HD-FLOT frame is combined with a Class 1-4 Torque Tool (TT) and is controlled by hydraulic supply from-the Torque Tool Control System.

The HD-FLOT provides a means of securely mounting the TT to the ROV and the operator the ability to orienting the TT and payload with respect to the ROV. It consists of an anodized Aluminium base frame, a rotary actuator which provides ±90 0 tilt up and down and dual cylinders which provide ±15 0 roll CW and CCW. The HD-FLOT is capable of carrying an additional payload of 400 kg on top of the weight of the TT. The HD-FLOT- movements are hydraulically locked in position unless a command to move them is in operation.

The HD FLOT is better able to facilitate the installation of Steel Tube Flying Leads than conventional FLOT’s providing as it does a 60% higher load capacity.


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