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IHPU / DWP Dirty Oil Pack 60 LPM



  • Clean oil side input flow rate maximum 80 lpm, 210 bar
  • Output dirty oil side maximum flow rate 60 lpm, 210 bar
  • Pilot operated On or OFF, use only as needed
  • 125 um LP filter, 10 um HP filter
  • Compatible with glycol, transaqua, hydraulic oil. Not methanol
  • Industry standard control cartridges
  • Weight 50kg in air, 42kg in water
  • Mounting 450mm x 450mm x 210mm



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The Seadraulics IHPU / DWP dirty oil pack 60LPM allows the user peace of mind when using tools that typically contaminate the ROV’s hydraulics. The Dirty Work Pack (DWP) uses a reliable bent axis piston motor on the input side, or clean oil side.

Coupled to this, via a compensated housing, is a proven gear pump. The gear pumps have proven reliable to normally unacceptable levels of contaminants. The gear pump has been chosen to be easily replaceable, and cost effective.

To ensure protection of the pump, there is a low pressure filter element, meeting the minimum specifications of the pump. On the output of the pump is a HP filter, which again is used to ensure that, should the unit be pushed past it’s operating envelope, the users equipment is protected.

Driving the dirty work pack 60LPM unit is a custom manifold, specifically made to minimize fittings and setting up/installation time of the unit which also allows the user to lower flow specifications should the user need to couple it to a certain sized hydraulic specification.

Each new job sees the unit shipped with a new output pump.

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