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Subsea Pressure Gauges



  • “ICD” patented internal breathing diaphragm allows gauge to be fully filled. Excellent in angled panel mounting applications. ESSENTIAL in any subsea or ROV deep water applications. The ICD is standard on all SPAN SubSea gauges.
  • Temperature/Pressure Compensated: The ICD compensates the case (to 150F) for changes in internal case pressure caused by fluctuations in ambient temperature. (Especially critical in lower pressure and vacuum gauges.) The ICD also compensates the case for external pressure in SubSea deep water applications. A SPAN exclusive feature.
  • Freeze Proof: The KEM-X Socket Saver is an internal diaphragm seal to prevent freezing, clogging, and corrosion. It is available on all SPAN gauges.
  • Gauges can be serialized and certified traceable to N.I.S.T. accuracy standards with Test Points.



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Seadraulics offer subsea pressure gauges (span gauges) 2.5in / 3.5in / 4.5in. The pressure gauges are designed for rugged service applications. Liquid fill fluid dampens the gauge pointer movement for improved readings and longer life, making these gauges ideal for high shock and vibration applications.

The Zytel case and ring offer good appearance and excellent resistance to chemical, weather, and corrosion attack. The Span gauge has many optional features that allow a user to develop a basic or special product specification. Seadraulics can supply 1/4 Turn Hydraulic Actuators. These actuators are able to be attached to any HP 1/4 TURN VALVE for full Ocean depth rating and a range of pressures.

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