Wellhead Cleaning Tool



  • Overall Tool Dimensions: ∅:750mm H:560mm
  • Tool Weight: 22 KG
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: Wooden Box 51KG 94x64x38cm
  • Hydraulic Motor: Georler 80
  • Max Pressure: 3000 psi
  • Max Flowrate: 20ltr / per min
  • Fluid: Tellus 22/32 or equivilent
  • Hydraulic Interface: Size 6 JIC
  • Gasket Seal Face: 18 -3/4: H4 Connector/ similar



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The Seadraulics Wellhead Cleaning tool is designed to be used to clean wellhead sealing areas using a standard hydraulic work class ROV.

The tools lightweight and simplistic design makes it quick to interface and allows it to be deployed by most ROV’s.

Interface to ROV is by way of 2 hydraulic hoses from the Hydraulic motor.

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