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  • Maximum output pressure 10000 PSI / 680 bar
  • Inlet pressure 3000 PSI /200 bar
  • Requires 1 solenoid function for cut/retract
  • 3000-10000 PSI flow rate starts at 1.4 LPM
  • Weight in air 8kg
  • Suits all Enerpac tooling, and WCO/RCV cutters
  • Easy to change output pressure
  • Submersible gauge fitted as standard
  • Comes with 3 x No 4 JIC LP hoses, and 1 x HP No 4 JIC certified hose
  • Compatible with trans-aqua and glycol based fluids.



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Seadraulics produces two types of subsea Hydraulic Intensifier Panels. Both the low flow and high flow intensifier are capable of providing 10000PSI in operations to full ocean depth.

Our subsea intensifiers are based upon the proven and trusted MPT intensifier as the core component. Hydraulic connections have been reduced through the addition of a Seadraulics custom designed Manifold. This way, we first of all ensure there are less chances of leakage. Which secondly makes the intensifier safer to use when offshore. Proven parts ensure consistent operation, time and again.

Seadraulics OEM intensifier panels are perfect for use with any webtool cutter that requires a Hydraulic Intensifier circuit.

The HIGH FLOW intensifier has the added advantage of allowing the full input flow to be routed directly to the blade. Thus allowing much faster blade movement. Which then results in huge time savings on multi-cut decommissioning work.

This has been shown to drastically reduce cutting times on the 115mm and above range of cutters. The output circuit is not just limited to use on cutters, but can now also be used to effectively raise pressures in large volume cavities such as manifolds.

Independent Timed trials on a 90mm wire rope with a 115mm cutter produced;

  • Seadraulics OEM intensifier – 50 Sec
  • Webtool standard intensifier – 3 mins
  • Rotary cutter – 5mins


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