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Subsea Differential Pressure Sensor



  • Each side has two pressure connections, easy to use in pressure lines at depth
  • The transmitters have a bus-compatible two-wire RS485 half-duplex
  • Interface offers the following capabilities
    • Readout of pressure and temperature values for both sensors. This allows readout of the differential pressure as well as the two standard pressure ranges
    • Calibration of zero point and amplification
    • Scaling of the analog output to different pressure ranges or units
    • The system differential output will show zero when at depth with no test pressure applied
    • OR – The system can display the difference between 2 subsea pressures
    • Configuration settings such as measurement rate, low-pass (LP) filter, bus address, etc
    • Readout of information such as serial number, compensated pressure and temperature ranges, etc
  • Sensed parameters are:
    • P1-test pressure 1
    • T1-temp at sensor 1
    • P2-ambient depth or a 2nd pressure
    • T2-temp at sensor 2
  • Outputs:
    • P1, T1, P2, T2 also (P1-P2=CH0)
  • Pressure or back seal testing can be measured against the depth ie CH0 will display Zero at start of test. Or two pressures can be compared.



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Seadraulics Differential Pressure sensor Model 1182 does not measure the differential pressure directly – instead, it uses two absolute pressure sensors to take the measurement indirectly. As well as reducing costs, this differential pressure transmitter is also more robust in relation to unbalanced (one-sided) overloading.

In applications where the differential pressure is more than 5% of the maximum standard pressure range, measurement with two absolute pressure sensors offers major advantages over conventional methods of differential pressure measurement.

So that the differential pressure can also be measured exactly if the standard subsea pressure range/differential pressure ratio is high, this series also features the tried-and-tested micro-processor based technology that is used in Keller-Druck sensors. All reproducible subsea pressure sensor errors (i.e. non-linearities and temperature dependencies) are entirely eliminated thanks to mathematical error compensation.


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