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Seadraulics PH probe allows the in-situ determination of pH up to a pressure of 600bar, or 6000MSW. The PH sensor is an inner gel electrolyte filled glass tip, with a small hole to allow the measurement of the PH of the unknown solution. This provides a stabilized junction potential allowing a fast response, and accurate measurement.

The glass transducer gives long life and minimal re-calibration. The software allows for easy calibration before ROV deployment, as well as an ASCII serial output to interface with typical video overlay systems, meaning the PH can be recorded on screen.

The new revised bottle design has been independently tested to 6000mtrs water pressure and to enhance usability there is now an option for temperature probe to be incorporated in the sensor face.

Software provides logging ability, to an ASCII formatted file, for easy importation into popular software packages.


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Operating Depth : up to 6000 MSW
• Measuring principle: potentiometric
• pH Sensor: Glass Membrane
• Redox Sensor: platinum Electrode
• Reference Sensor: Ag/AgCl double bridge
• Measuring range: defaults to 3..11 pH
• expanded range selectable 0..14pH

• Resolution: 0.01 pH
• Time Constant: t63% < 3s!
• Temperature range: -2.. +38 degrees
• Requires: 0V, 24V, RS232 Tx/Rx/Common
• Probe housing: AISI 316L
• Sensor body: titanium
• Probe Diameter: 48.5mm
• Probe length: 325mm

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