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3 Stage Fluid Injection 800Bar



  • Maximum input pressure 3000psi / 210bar
  • Maximum input flow 140LPM
  • Maximum output pressure 800bar
  • Maximum output flow 30LPM
  • Operational hoses supplied
  • Can supply various sized bladders to suit, please enquire
  • Can be used to pump other fluids, such as hydraulic oil, Glycol, Methanol
  • Measures 500x550x250mm



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Seadraulics 800 bar 3 Stage Fluid Injection Unit (FIU) is a compact and integrated all-in-one unit based on the reliable and highly regarded Dynaset HPW800 pump.

The patented HPW pump utilizes the reciprocal motion of a hydraulic piston. Hydraulic supply from the ROV moves the piston assembly until one of the water plungers reach the end position; the incorporated reversal valve then changes direction of hydraulic flow, so the piston assembly is set in the opposite direction. The motion causes a vacuum to be developed at the pump intake line and a positive pressure is developed in the output line. (Pumping fluid for the water jetter is taken directly from the surrounding seawater – however if required Specialist Offshore Services can supply appropriate compensators and extra valve assemblies to allow the system to pump most types of alternative fluids, such as TransAqua, Glycol and other well control fluids).

ON / OFF control of hydraulic supply to the pump, including adjustment of flow and pressure has been integrated by Specialist Offshore Services into a custom designed manifold.

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