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VZP60 Centrifugal Pump



  • Industry manufacturer with track record
  • ANSI Flange connections
  • Light in water weight
  • Maximum power transfer from hydraulic power source
  • Monoblock allows set up for any user requirement
  • VPP12-60-238 Performance
  • 180 bar differential supply across motor ports



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The VZP-60 centrifugal pump is optimised for operation from a submerged positive pressure compensated hydraulic power pack. The pump is a driven by a variable displacement hydraulic motor built with a mono block hydraulic control manifold.

The use of a variable displacement motor permits optimisation of the use of hydraulic horsepower from the power pack, generally an ROV. The variable displacement motor permits optimisation across the range from “high pressure low flow” output to “low pressure high flow” output. Fixed displacement motors driving a pump can only be optimised for one flow condition. The VZP-60 motor automatically adjusts its displacement to give the impeller the torque required to raise the pressure as needed. What you end up with is a pump that has unsurpassed flow rate at low pressure, and as the torque on the impeller increases, the displacement adjusts to continue to operate at the maximum flow rates for a given pressure.

The pump is built with advanced engineering plastics which are buoyant in seawater. This limits the in air weight and results in a low in water weight, reducing the payload penalty on the underwater system.

The mono block control manifold allows the user to set;

  • The maximum pressure that the pump will be capable of.
  • To also ensure it is not over sped.
  • Reverse flow check valve for freewheel on shutdown.
  • Pilot on/off ability.

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