Agency Agreements


Seadraulics are regional Business Development and Support Partners for the Seatronics Group and provide exclusive support and business development functions for their range of products and services in Australia. In return, Seatronics offer the full range of Seadraulics equipment for sale or rental globally through your local Seatronics bases.


Seadraulics is a representative for Zetechtics Ltd in Australia. Zetechtics Limited are leading suppliers of subsea control systems for ROV intervention tooling to the global oil and gas industry. Formed in 1993 Zetechtics have become the market leader with the Jupiter System and are now applying their technology to well intervention and workover systems.

Digital Edge Subsea

Seadraulics has chosen to partner with Digital Edge Subsea for supply of Digital Video Recorder systems. We have experience operating most types of DVR systems during offshore operations and have found the Digital Edge Subsea systems to be superior for ease of use and viewing compatibility with client systems. The client deliverable plays on any Windows or MAC PC with no need to download codecs. The EdgeDVR systems fit well with the Seadraulics company ethos – being born out of the frustrations of using other systems.

Advanced Marine Innovation

Seadraulics is a representative and reseller for Advanced Marine Innovation Subsea Ltd in Australia. Based in the UK, Advanced Marine Limited specializes primarily in developing new and innovative marine and underwater engineering systems for the marine, oceanographic and offshore oil and gas industries. The roots in offshore technology and underwater engineering go back to the mid 1970s when oil first came ashore in the UK. There is much to be learnt from experience and history and the company engineering ethic is to blend the best of the old with the best of the new. Years of experience provide a secure base to leap forward into the future.


Seadraulics is happy to announce our partnership with Scantrol AS in Norway. Scantrol is an independent manufacturer Active Heave Compensation control systems to the modern marine and offshore industry. 150+ AHC systems has successfully been delivered by focusing on user friendly controls, efficient support and commissioning, and standardized solutions. Scantrol AHC is available for upgrades and new systems for all winches and cranes.

Nautilus Rigging

Seadraulics have chosen to partner with Nautilus Rigging and recommend and supply their subsea ROV Hooks. Our distributor agreement allows us to supply the full range of subsea and surface hooks. We chose to recommend these industry leading and innovative Nautilus hooks to our clients because the technically advanced design with patented “positive locking” function not only sets a new standard for safe, secure subsea lifting but also, this design puts safety first while still improving ease of use for the rigging crew on deck.



Seadraulics are resellers for CARDEV. Manufacture a complete range of oil recycling equipment solutions all designed to extend the life of industrial fluids and oils, reduce waste, cut costs and reduce your companies carbon footprint. By-pass and offline oil filtration equipment for industry and mobile plant.


Seadraulics are also resellers for PANOLIN ATLANTIS. Panolin Atlantis is a bio hydraulic fluid based on saturated synthetic esters for offshore and marine applications. Panolin Atlantis is the product of over 20 years of experience in high performance applications for biodegradable, environmentally considerate lubricants. 100% saturated ester base oils combine with carefully selected additives to provide excellent resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and wear, without compromising environmental compatibility.