Subsea Switch Module



  • Flange or panel mount
  • 240 VAC / 10 AMPS custom configurations
  • 3000mtrs depth rating
  • 1/4 turn on/off
  • ISO 13628-8 compliant handle
  • Detent at open and closed positions
  • MCBH connectors as standard
  • Dimensions 205x120x120mm
  • Weight in air 3kg / Seawater 1.5kg



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The Seadraulics subsea switch module is a quarter turn, 2 position, positive detent ON/OFF, robust unit for rotation by diver or ROV. The switch has a low turning force with the Max Design Torque @ 220Nm.

The subsea switch unit is oil filled and compensated by a Seadraulics micro comp. The oil used during the build stage is electrical oil. Hydraulic oils that are commonly used in ROV electrics enclosures, or environmentally friendly oils such as Panolin are equally acceptable.

Configurations to customer requirements are easily catered for.

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