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Seadraulics Pty Ltd Is An Australian Based, But Globally Focused Subsea Services Provider. Expertise From ROV Operational Experience, Focused On Supplying Systems And Solutions That Surpass Current Industry Norms.

Tooling Re-Design And OEM Development, Targeting Rental And Sales Specific Solutions Suitable For Deployment Globally.

Our Mission

It Is Our Mission To Bring Innovative Solutions To Market. We Will Identify Existing Technology Gaps And Develop Improved Operationally Successful And Accepted Solutions.
We Will Maintain Long Term Client Relationships Through Supply Of Excellent Services Delivered By Operational Experts, All Focused On Cost Effective Success.
Seadraulics about us

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Being considered as a premier original equipment manufacturer and supplier for ROV related equipment solutions, inspection, Maintenance and Repair related Subsea Services is our priority goal.

Custom Tooling

Our equipment is very modular, and if you have a particular job in mind that no one piece of equipment seems to suit, most likely we can put together  several items to suit the job at hand in relatively low cost, and short lead time. 

Innovative Solutions

Our improvements aim is to reduce task times, mobilization times, and ease of operations creating efficiency and project performance.

Subsea Support Services

Seadraulics provides a range of services, including Subsea Support Services, ROV Tooling, Subsea Construction, IRM, Subsea Mining, Geotechnical, Metocean, ROV Sensors, ROV Tooling, ROV & Diving Inspection, and Environmental equipment support and supply. They also offer Special Projects, Project Support, Consultation, and Solutions Provider. Our aim is to deliver exceptional service.

Agency Agreements

Seadraulics has a regional partnership with the Seatronics Group, a world leader in subsea equipment sales and rental. This partnership enables us to provide our regional clients with the latest and best industry products, while gaining global recognition for our tooling solutions. Additionally, Seadraulics distributes equipment from Zetechtics, Digital Edge Subsea, Scantrol, Nautilus Rigging and serves as a reseller for Cardev and Panolin.

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