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Linear Actuator Override Tool



  • ISO 13628-8 Type A Interface
  • Built in Intensifier
  • External Stroke Indicator
  • Maximum stroke of 10.93″ (277 mm)


  • Maximum hydraulic pressure: 690 bar / 10 000 psi
  • Recommended maximum flow: 2-8 L/min
  • Primary hydraulic fluid specification: Water / glycol based control fluid, ISO 32 /22 Hydraulic Oil
  • Fluid cleanliness: ≤10 micron
  • Hydraulic connections via: ISO Type A hot stab, KOS type hot stab



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Seadraulics Linear Actuator Override Tool (LAOT) is flexible and versatile solution to actuate and lock open linear valve interfaces.
The dual port hot stab receptacle is to ISO 13628-8 Type A standard. All hot stab receptacles have been proof pressure tested and stamped with the working and test pressures, plus a unique serial number.

A `Minibooster’ pressure intensifier with a 4:1 pressure ratio is fitted to all tools. This multiplies the 2500 psi input pressure to 10,000 psi. The intensifier includes a check valve which locks the 10,000 psi into the tool. Reversing the pressure and return inputs to the intensifier releases the check valve and allows the tools to be stroked back.
Some models of the tool are fitted with a manually (ROV) operated “secondary isolation valve”. The valve is a 1/4 turn (90 deg) ball type valve, fitted with a low torque paddle type interface in accordance with ISO 13628-8. The advantage of the mechanical lock is that it will hold its position indefinitely as opposed to hydraulic systems that creep over time.

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