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Chemical Injection Pump – Low Flow



  • Maximum Pressure 250 PSI
  • Construction chemsteel, or alloy 400 on request.
  • Suction capability of up to -100 PSI dependent on depth.
  • Carbon bearing, or PTFE on request.
  • Fluid viscosity 100,000 CPS.
  • Dimensions 280x130x125mm.
  • Hydraulic pump supply from ROV – 3000psi at approx 9lpm
  • Weight 4kg in air, 3kg in water.



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The Seadraulics low flow chemical injection pump is based on the a Chemsteel Orberdorfer pump. The unit has exceptional suction abilities along with a self priming action. The pump is a small low flow unit ideal for controlled chemical dosing. Ideal uses for the this pump are injection of acids, alkali’s, and thick viscous liquids.

Coupled to this pump is a small CC gear pump. The pump can be driven directly from most ROV solenoid valves, as at full rate the pump only uses 9 LPM which negates the need for any extra control hydraulics. The pump can handle lubricating, and non lubricating fluids with viscosity up to 100,000 CPS depending on shaft speed.

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