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Dual Head Cleaning Tool



  • Hydraulic Control Panel
  • ROV Handle
  • Dual Direction Motors
  • Motor Displacement: 30cc
  • Chain Flail or Cleaning Disc Head Attachment
  • Weight: 40kg without any cleaning head mounted



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The Seadraulics dual head cleaning tool consists of two rotary power fixed displacement 30cc hydraulic motor coupled to a bearing housing to ensure motor longevity and resilience of the unbalanced load that cleaning actions induce.

The cleaning tool is coupled to a small hydraulic control panel that allows setting of the flow to the motors, and hence there RPM, and the ability to pilot on and off the tool. Typically the tool is set to approximately 1000-2000 RPM.

The motors have a reverse free flow check valve check valve mounted directly on one of the motors. This check valve will set the direction that the motor will turn, as well as allowing the motors to spin down slowly when hydraulics are turned off to it. The shaft boss can fit either a flail end cap, or directly mount rebar cleaning heads. The motors turn in opposite directions to ensure a more balanced reaction to the surface being cleaned.

The ROV handle can be used to hold the tool vertically or horizontally and has rubber cushions to allow of some of the vibrations induced whilst cleaning.

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