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Harben Pump



  • Pump manufactured for subsea use.
  • Filtration required is 50um on Harben
  • Incoming fluid cools pump crank case.
  • Pump configuration allows for high pressure.
  • Maximum power usage from ROV
  • Temperature 0° to 50°C
  • Depth rating 4000MSW



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The Harben is a pump made by Century pumps. It is available in either 4 or 8 cylinder options, with each having a choice of piston/cylinder diameter options of 22.5 mm, 25.0 mm or 27.5 mm.
It is a radial piston design that has ruggedized the output piston to ensure it can handle multiple media types and not sustain damage. The crank case is full of oil and this serves to lubricate all the moving parts, and aid in the suction of fresh fluid into the high compression chamber via the use of a diaphragm.

All mechanical parts, with the exception of the inlet and delivery valves, run in the oil flooded crankcase and are therefore unaffected by contamination in the pump fluid, or by running dry.

The use of a variable displacement motor coupled to this pump allows maximum hydraulic horsepower from the power pack at any output pressure level. The variable displacement motor permits optimisation across the range from “high pressure low flow” output to “low pressure high flow” output. Fixed displacement motors driving a pump can only be optimised for one flow condition. The Harben hydraulic drive motor automatically adjusts its displacement to give the Harben pump the torque required to raise the pressure as it is needed. What you end up with is a pump that has unsurpassed flow rate at low pressure, and as the torque required on the Harben increases, the displacement adjusts to continue to operate at the maximum flow rates for a given pressure.

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