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Clutch Tool



  • Clutch easy to set
  • ROV D-Handle
  • Paddle valve interface
  • Manipulator deployable
  • ISO13628-8/API17H interfaces



 Download Spec Sheet 40-100 Nm

 Download Spec Sheet 80-200 Nm


The Seadraulics clutch tool has been designed to allow the function of subsea valves with manipulator and limit the chance of damage to the valve. The clutch tool limits the torque that can be transmitted from the ROV manipulator to the valve stem during ROV operation, mitigating against the possibility of excessive torque being applied, ensuring damage to the valve does not occur. The tool is fitted with an integral, adjustable torque limiting clutch which can be pre-set for torque ranges of 40 – 100 Nm (80-200Nm also available).
The tool is designed with a PCD output that allows various interfaces to be used on it. As standard the kit contains the interfaces for all the ISO 13628-8/API17H interfaces, being the paddle valve slot interface, and class 1 to 4 interface.
Custom clover leaf style sockets can also be fitted to client request.
Setting is done by loosening a lock stud, and then rotating the hex on the top of the tool to increase or lower the setting. Torque has to be checked after setting the unit, using either a torque verification unit or torque wrench.
This is a ball bearing, spring loaded clutch tool that does not wear like the plate style clutch tools, and also gives consistent repeatable results once set.


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