Back Seal Test Panel 20000PSI


The Seadraulics Pty Ltd Back Seal Test panel – designed to allow controllable safe pressure testing across a wide range of pressures. 1000 – 20000 PSI. Test pressure supplied to the input is limited by the pressure set at the relief. This panel is made using autoclave fittings and tube work, which is the “best of the best” for reliability and proven longevity. Connections to the panel are via JIC.

Accuracy requirements will dictate relief valve chosen. The relief can be manually adjusted on deck prior to subsea deployment. Relief valves are available covering the range 1000 – 20000psi. This panel is for use in the higher pressure ranges, and if settings below 1000 PSI are needed then a different model back seal panel should be chosen.
Gauges can be chosen to suit the pressure test range which ensures monitoring can be completed easily and accurately.

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  • Test Pressure Input to 20000psi
  • Actuator operation by 200bar solenoid function
  • Customizable gauge or subsea logger depending on accuracy requirements
  • Tube work and fittings autoclave 20K PSI.

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