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LED Lamp Leak Detection



Supply Options

For single light choose either:

  • 365 Nanometer UV (Blacklight)
  • 490 Nanometer LED / FILTER
  • 530 Nanometer LED / FILTER

The full kit comprises:

  • 365 Nanometer UV (Blacklight)
  • 490 Nanometer LED / FILTER
  • 530 Nanometer LED / FILTER
  • Subsea bottle (3000mtrs) c/w 3mtr cable (LED light to subsea bottle), cable tail for power (110 VAC) from ROV.


  • ROV Power – 110 VAC 2 amp max
  • For connection to the subsea bottle a 5FMSIL cable tail is supplied
  • The LED lamp has a Male 3pin MCIL connection to the subsea bottle (MCIL 3F) 3m cable supplied. The voltage from the subsea bottle is 32vdc



Download Spec Sheet – SINGLE

Download Spec Sheet – KIT


Seadraulics supplies high-power Leak Detection LED Lamps in different kits. The lamps can be supplied individually with the subsea power bottle. The full offshore leak detection unit is a kit containing all 3 LED lamps with the subsea power bottle. Consequently we can customize the kit to suit client requirements. If information is known about the dye type or the specific excitation wavelength, we can provide the required set up.

The leak detection LED lamp was initially developed for a specific project, where the dye type was unknown and was of low visibility. Standard units on the market have low power LEDs and Fluorescence, which unfortunately can be easily missed when the dyes are diluted subsea.

The LEDs that Seadraulics uses, are wavelength specific 100W units with an average life of 10 – 50000 hrs. They are matched with a band pass filter of the same wavelength as the lamp to further increase excitation levels at the required wavelength.

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