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Pipe-Tracker Retractor Frame



The mounting options are varied and easily customized to suit any ROV. The retractor is made for use with the standard acetyl square rod with cross section dimensions 38x51mm, that is usually supplied with the pipe tracker system.

A kit is provided to allow the user to use 50x50mm square cross section glass reinforced plastic (GRP). This does not suffer from bending as much as the standard acetyl rectangular section material which is normally supplied with the pipe tracker systems.

  • Weight (each arm) : 32kg in air / 25kg in Sea Water
  • Weight hydraulics panel: 4kg in air / 2kg in Sea Water
  • Robust design
  • Fully retractable for safe ROV deployment and recovery
  • Suitable to fit on a range of different ROV’s



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Seadraulics pipe-tracker retractor frame / TSS 440 retractor frame design allows an ROV to retract a pipe-tracker to a vertical position. Thus facilitating easier launch and recovery.

The lightweight but robust design ensures the customer that no additional buoyancy is required when operating the TSS 440 ROV mounted frame. The retractable pipe tracker frame consists of 2 arms, slid into 2 mounting brackets. Those mounting brackets are then mounted on to the side of the ROV. Seadraulics supplies the TSS 440 retractor frame with a hydraulic control panel. Although, some ROV’s will not require this.

A custom hydraulics control panel synchronizes the cylinders. So to ensure that the up and down motion of each side stays level.

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