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Back Seal Test Panel 6000PSI



  • Test pressure input to 6000psi
  • Pressure relief adjustable from 50 – 6000psi
  • Actuator operation by 200bar solenoid function
  • Customizable gauge or subsea logger depending on accuracy requirements
  • Calibration to NATA available
  • Measures 470 x 230 x 120mm, weight 8kg


  • Pressure ranges customizable to suit intended test pressure
  • Gauge or pressure logger for subsea display (Surface display available)
  • Various pumps available for test connection. LP Pumps, HP Pumps ; 90, 200, 220, 420, 520, 800



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The Seadraulics Back Seal Test Panel design allows controllable and safe subsea pressure testing. Across wide range of pressures, standard units can be set for relief pressures of 50 – 6000psi. (Two versions, with Gauge options, to match the pressure test)

The pressure set at the relief, limits the test pressure supplied. In order to consequently ensure peace of mind, confidence and repeatability, Seadraulics only use industry leading relief valves. Of course, clients accuracy requirements dictate the relief valve chosen. Equally important is that, prior to subsea deployment, the client can manually adjust the relief on deck. Versions of this panel are available, covering the 50-6000psi range.

Gauges can be chosen to suit the pressure test. This ensures monitoring can be completed easily and accurately.


A subsea rated gauge monitors the pressure. The gauge is of course of an appropriate scale for the subsea test pressure. In some cases, the customer requires for example higher accuracy monitoring or a log of testing. Seadraulics can then attach its Subsea Data Logger, either in place of the gauge, or in parallel. The data logger comes with a subsea digital display which allows for single psi changes to be monitored. All results are logged in memory or can be connected to the ROV via RS232 for surface monitoring or overlay display.

A Seadraulics Hydraulic Quarter Turn Actuator controls a ball valve allowing pressure to be locked in the output line during testing. A compact unit which attaches to any type of hydraulic ROV and using standard ROV solenoids. The ball valve is an industry standard type and can be client specified if required.

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