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Jetting Nozzles



  • Flows to 150 LPM
  • Stainless Steel Cavitation Nozzles
  • Turbo Nozzles to 800 bar
  • Brass Turbo Nozzles to 420 bar
  • Stainless Turbo nozzle to 540 bar
  • Titanium Turbo nozzle to 800 bar
  • Turbo nozzle rebuild kits



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No matter what pump you are running on an ROV subsea, we have the nozzle. With our range of subsea jetting equipment, we hold all the nozzles required to support that equipment. Each nozzle is matched to the pump to get the maximum performance from the pump, and therefore maximum pressure at the nozzle for best cleaning results.

Low pressure nozzles are typically cavitation. There are 2 styles of cavitation, which use a different mechanism to create the Nano voids. Style one has cutouts directly after the jetting orifice which cause turbulence and the resulting Nano voids. Style 2 has jets that are focused to hit into each other and cause turbulence resulting in Nano voids. Typical cavitation nozzles  are generally are used in shallow water, and they loose effectiveness as the water depth increases. However, at Seadraulics we have deep water cavitation nozzles for the ROV industry. Cavitation also is great for taking a needle nose nozzle, that normally is a very hard nozzle to create an even clean, and to spread it out into a cone, which results in a much easier to obtain overall clean.

Turbo nozzles are the ROV industry standard. These nozzles have a rotating inner ceramic orifice, as can be seen in the pictures. They require a certain flow through the nozzle to create the circular movement inside the nozzle. These nozzles make it easy for the ROV to get a very good overall clean, as the orifice is already rotating, which means that a steady movement is not required to get an even clean. The Turbo nozzles typically rotate at around 300-400 RPM. This means that the movement done by an ROV drifting will just add to overall clean instead of having clean stripes. Brass nozzles up to a max of 420 bar, stainless nozzles to a max 520 bar, and lastly the worlds only turbo nozzle for 800 bar made from Titanium and ceramic.

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