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Torque Analyzer Class 1-4



  • ISO 13628-8 fig 18 (API 17D) class 1-4
  • Max torque 2700 Nm / 2000ft lbs
  • Dual range
  • Dual sensor electronic turns counter
  • Internal strain gauge
  • Latching wings
  • Can be configured for diver use



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The Seadraulics Class 1-4 Torque Analyzer conforms to the ISO 13628-8 fig 18 class 1-4 bucket interface used extensively in the subsea industry for valve overrides operated by ROV.

The tool has latching wings allowing the tool to hold on to the interface. The latching wings are hydraulically driven forward and spring retracted. Thus in the case of a loss of hydraulic power the wings will release. The tool uses a high specification drive motor for consistent torque output characteristics, even if used with direct hydraulic pressure control without the feedback sensor. The motor shares casing oil with the gearbox therefore avoiding the need for a separate compensator.


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