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Fluid Injection Unit 520bar



  • Hydraulic input 180-210bar, 60-85LPM
  • Output 0.5-520bar (7500psi), Flow 15-30LPM
  • Flow adjustable from 30-80LPM
  • Integral relief valve 0.5-520bar
  • Operational hoses supplied
  • Can supply various sized bladders to suit, please enquire
  • Can be used to pump other fluids, such as hydraulic oil, Glycol, Methanol
  • Measures 400x400x180mm, 22kg in air


  • capability for pressure adjustable
  • capability for flow adjustable
  • metering capabilities
  • multi-fluid capabilities – hydraulic oil, Glycol, Methanol, Environmentally friendly fluids
  • skids can be underslung, backpack or independent style
  • can supply various sized bladders or compensators to suit, please enquire
  • can be used to pump multiple different fluids on single operational dive



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The Seadraulics IHPU 520bar/Fluid Injection 520bar system is a compact and integrated all-in-one unit based on the reliable and highly regarded Dynaset pump. No other system offers the same power and reliability.

The Seadraulics ROV Fluid Injection Systems can be underslung skids or compact backpack mounted, integrated all-in-one units. The company has many years of experience in using subsea fluid injection systems and integrating these to various ROV systems. In combining these subsea pressure systems with Pressure & Temperature logging systems we provide reliable and robust high tech full solutions.

Customizing Fluid Injection Systems

Custom units are available. Quick delivery capability of simple 3 stage custom controllers with 20ltr spring compensator systems or <200ltr bladders.

Fluid injection systems can have fully adjustable pressure outputs, with flow and pressure monitoring and logging solutions. Seadraulics has the manufacturing capability to supply projects with customized solutions for the complete range of subsea IRM work scopes. Single plate mount pressure pumps can be paired with independent reservoirs or bladders to ensure easy installation on any ROV type. ROV underslung skids with pressures to 15000psi and flows that suit the system, are only available as custom solutions.

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