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Hot Stab Control Panel



Rated pressure to the hot stab is max 10000psi on standard model, options are available.

  • Choice of valves is available
  • Flow rate is approx. 15ltr/min @10000psi
  • All control hoses are supplied (the HP hoses for the HP connections are client dependent and as such are not supplied)
  • Fast selection of hot stab functions
  • Selection of singe, double or easy block and bleed

Actuator can be used on 1 out, 2 input valves to select different fluids to be used on Fluid Injection System.

  • Fluid Injection
  • Acid Cleaning
  • Metering of fluid from Compensators or Bladders
  • Back Seal Tests
  • Double Block and Bleed Tests



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The Seadraulics Hot Stab Control Panel or Manifold is a custom OEM unit. An industry standard 1/4 turn valve, 10000psi rated, is incorporated and is operated by a custom built hydraulic actuated 1/4 turn actuator.

The Hot Stab Control Panel allows the user to configure hot stabs ports to any function, on the fly. As there are no manipulator operations there are huge savings in time and reliability.

The panel is laid out so that the actuator side (shown below) is pressure rated to “standard” ROV solenoid functions pressures. The green OEM actuator side of the panel is connected to the client chosen ROV Solenoids. Which, when selected, drive the actuator allowing for fast Open or Close operation of the High Pressure valve. So quickly adjusting any configuration of the hot stab ports.

Options – Hot Stab Control Panel

The Seadraulics OEM 1/4 Turn Hydraulic Actuators are specifically designed for use on equipment that is launched and recovered on the ROV. They are engineered to save time and reducing manipulator operations, so improving operational efficiencies. The 1/4 turn actuators can be fitted to any ROV operated 1/4 turn ball valve. Valve pressure rating is independent to actuator, works equally well on LP or HP valves.

The Actuators replace traditional ROV 1/4 turn valve handles. Thus making the operation a simple flick of a switch, rather than a time wasting manipulator operation.

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