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Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT)



  • Designed for use during subsea ROV intervention
  • Enables repositioning of torque tool in real time
  • Flying lead operations
  • Compatible with hydraulically powered work class ROVs



  • Pressure Rating: 207bar / 3,000 psi
  • Oil Type: TELLUS T22 or Similar
  • Pitch: ±90°
  • Pitch Load Capacity: 226Nm @ 207bar (3,000 psi)
  • Roll: ±15°
  • Roll Torque: 675Nm @ 170bar
  • Depth Rating: 3,000 m
  • TT Interface: ISO 13628-8 Class 1-4 TT
  • Weight in air: 75.5kg



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The FLOT is designed to orient and guide flying leads into the stab plates on subsea equipment. It also increases efficiency by enabling repositioning of the torque tool in real time without the need for reconfiguration of the torque tools handle or ROV mounting position.

The tool can be operated in horizontal or vertical planes with tool roll controllable from ±10° to suit applications where large moments may be experience. The FLOT features an arm with adjustable length to position the torque tool further away from the ROV. Pitch and roll actuators are controlled from the host ROV’s spare rate valves and are rated for 3,000 psi. The FLOT is capable of withstanding lateral and yaw loads up to 1,000 lb (454 kg).

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