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Seadraulics Secures Specialist Offshore Services

Specialist Offshore Services - Proudly Owned By Seadraulics

Seadraulics Secures Specialist Offshore Services

On June 30th 2021 Seadraulics Pty Ltd acquired Specialist Offshore Services Pty Ltd in its entirety. The takeover came about due to the passing of 1 of the board of directors of Specialist Offshore Services and the new board not sharing the same direction. Seadraulics purchased Specialist Offshore Services, and took over all contracts, warranty, products, intellectual property and support for all things Specialist Offshore.

So if you were looking for a Specialist Offshore Services product or support for a product, you will find it here at Seadraulics. Some products have been revised, but rest easy that support for “legacy” products is well provided for.

Seadraulics shares the same ethos as Specialist Offshore Services, in that it will strive to support the same customer base in a mission critical way, with the same thinking of a fresh improved approach that will benefit the customers.


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