Digital Edge Video Recording



  • High or Standard Definition Video Recording (WMV)
  • Digital HD Overlay
  • Realtime Eventing
  • Built-in 4 Way Video Switcher (SD)
  • HD/SD Digital Stills (Jpeg or Bitmap)
  • Video Clips (HD or SD) (WMV)
  • Automatic dive, photo, video and anomaly logs
  • Project Editor
  • Client Viewer
  • Realtime data logging
  • 3 Serial Ports for the display/logging of data
  • 3 x 3TB Removable Hard Drives
  • Automatic Blackbox Single Channel (HD or SD) Recording
  • Solid state operating system drive
  • Automatic 4 channel Blackbox video recording (3TB Storage)
  • 4 channel independent digital overlay with variable transparent logos
  • Simultaneous 4 channel video stills and video clips.
  • Automatic generation of dive, photo, video and anomaly logs.



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The EdgeDVR (Digital Video Inspection) was born out of the frustrations of using current video recording systems that were offshore. The founders had many years experience flying workclass and eyeball ROVs and carrying out both platform inspections and pipeline inspections. The EdgeDVR was designed for the end user, from the experience of people who know the industry. It is designed to be simple to use and make life easier for the operator. At the same time the EdgeDVR delivers a comprehensive client deliverable with virtually no time consuming post processing required.

Having being there in the middle of the night struggling with a break down, we know how annoying it is to have unreliable kit. The EdgDVR is designed to be as reliable as possible from the ground up. The hardware runs cool and the systems have built up a reputation for reliability.

Make sure you use equipment which produces a high quality deliverable with minimal work from the user. The EdgeDVR produces video that can be shared and watched on any Windows PC with no extra codecs or software and integrates eventing and survey data seamlessly. Every project has a free client viewer included so the client can easily navigate both the video and data. It is phenomenally easy to use, with most people being proficient after just a few hours training. Whether you are a client or operator, if you work with ROVs or diving carrying out any work (e.g. platform, FPSO or pipeline inspections, construction or drill support work), specify the EdgeDVR, it will make your life easier.


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