We are an expanding subsea equipment supplier

Who We Are

Previously known as Specialist Offshore Services, Seadraulics continues the ideals and goals of supplying a high quality specialist offshore services and equipment. This is a result of decades of operational, support and managerial positions with major firms, and with firm beliefs that innovation, redesign and utilisation of modern methods and materials can simplify ROV operations and operational tooling, giving savings in operations timing. Further savings in equipment cost, through efficiency improvements and increased reliability during operations. The company strives to supply the most effective solutions to the demands of evolving ROV operations.

Environmental issues are at the top of our agenda and as such all our equipment is designed to ensure it can work with environmentally friendly fluids. We are dedicated to providing safe, high quality and environmentally friendly services and will intensify these efforts as global demands for environmentally friendly products continue to increase.

Seadraulics about us

What Do We Do

Seadraulics offer in-house hydrostatic pressure testing. Pressure rated for up to 5000psi testing.

The End Cap has various electrical connectors and Seadraulics can conduct pre test, under pressure test and monitoring, and post-testing. Cabling Insulation Resistance (IR) and continuity electrical tests to client pressures. A digital temperature and pressure transducer / logger is used to provide high accuracy results and test logging.

Seadraulics uses an air over hydraulic pump to achieve the high test pressures quickly and can provide timed logging for cycled high / low pressure testing. 

Seadraulics offer the following services: Subsea Support Services, ROV Tooling, Subsea Construction, IRM, Subsea Mining, Geotechnical, Metocean, ROV Sensors, ROV Tooling, ROV & Diving Inspection and Environmental equipment support and supply Services. Special Projects, Project Support, Consultation and Solutions Provider.

With a goal to deliver unrivaled service.

while maintaining the ability to supply industry leading subsea equipment from a global asset base. Key to the cost effective approach is collaboration with the global leading rental supplier Seatronics and their partners.

Offering competitive, full project, tooling and equipment solutions. For the most demanding subsea industry projects. Our partnerships can dramatically reduce both cost and risk while maintaining a strict professional, quality  service.

Coming soon

We have a regional partnership with the Seatronics Group (the Global leader in subsea equipment sales and rental). This partnership allows us to be able to offer the best and newest industry products to our regional customers and in return we receive global exposure for our tooling solutions.

Currently in addition to Seatronics and their partners, Seadraulics also distribute equipment for Zetechtics, Digital Edge Subsea, Scantrol, Nautilus Rigging and resellers for Cardev and Panolin.

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